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About you and us

Planning an event can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. The Final Touch team can step in, take the stress away and organise an event that will be both classy and memorable.

Final Touch is a mobile event coordinating service based in South London. We will meet with you in the comfort of your home to assist you in organising any event in accordance with your wishes.

Lesley is a qualified funeral celebrant who has successfully completed and passed the National Qualification, NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy (RQF), and is trained to conduct civil funerals, with or without religious content.

She has teamed up with Margarita who has a vast experience in event planning, is very creative and has an eye for detail. Together with the rest of our team consisting of florists, caterers, printers and make-up artists we are dedicated to providing you with an excellent service.



Lesley organised various aspects of my wedding day, including finding just the right venue for the reception and party and coordinating a fantastic buffet spread.  Everything was done to our specifications, including some special little extra touches.  This meant that we could relax and enjoy our special day.

Cheryl Rose, UK

I have been to events Margarita has organised and they are always unique and well planned. She goes the extra mile. l would recommend her for any type of event planning.

Beatrice, UK

There is nothing more devastating than losing a loved one.  I wish more than anything that I had all the answers when I had to lay my beloved mother to rest.  Little did I know that the intensity of grieving would not permit a clear mind.  I will always remain grateful to Lesley for her expertise and gracious service rendered to me and my family at such a crucial time.  Our needs were met far above and beyond our expectations at a very difficult and challenging time.  I can highly recommend Final Touch Event Coordinators for all events.

Noella Paul, USA

Margarita is the perfect person you want to contact when planning an event and don't know where to start. My Scorpio bash was a huge success because of her tremendous vision. She is an attentive and creative individual who will give your event all the pizzazz it needs. Her imaginative ideas are impeccable.   She has a great eye for detail and will ensure your vision is executed to your satisfaction. I will not hesitate to recommend Margarita again and again for her amazing work and talent.

Sandra Cole-Mayers, Toronto, Canada